Federal/State Minimum Wage/Overtime Violations

Legal matters involving alleged minimum wage and/or overtime violations sometimes present themselves in the form of a government investigation initiated prior to the filing of any court proceedings. Most often, however, such matters arise in the context of a civil lawsuit filed by one or more aggrieved parties. The act of failing to pay the minimum and/or overtime wages required by law can be the subject of state claims (under the New York State Labor Law) and/or federal claims (under the Fair Labor Standards Act). Most often, such cases are brought in Federal Court and assert claims under both state and federal law.

Mr. Millman has represented employers accused of such conduct and is familiar with the applicable defenses and mitigating measures that can be taken to defend against such allegations.  He has lectured to several employers on how to comply with state and federal statutes and regulations.  He possesses the ability and experience to assert any necessary defenses and he has successfully negotiated resolutions with the federal government during investigations to avoid the necessity of legal action in a court of law.