White Collar Crimes

It is indeed a harrowing experience to be accused of engaging in larceny, fraud or the misuse and/or conversion of funds. Such accusations are often the result of a government investigation which has been pending for a lengthy period of time, particularly when such charges are initiated in Federal Court. As a result, the government will often have accumulated much of the evidence it intends on using against you by the time you first learn of the case. It is therefore often necessary to take immediate action to protect your rights and evaluate options at the earliest stage of the case.

These offenses can be prosecuted on the state or federal level but, in either instance, prosecutorial experience and an understanding of the investigative techniques employed by agencies investigating and prosecuting such offenses is crucial toward the preparation of a defense. The legal defense of such matters typically involves a massive amount of financial records and related documents. Mr. Millman has handled such cases as a prosecutor and defense attorney and he has done so against the New York State Attorney General’s Office, the United States Attorneys’ Office and large insurance companies.

Immigration Fraud

Immigration Fraud cases typically involve charges of forging documents related to immigration proceedings. They include the alleged forgery of applications for asylum and applications for various forms of immigration benefits. Such cases also include allegations related to the illegal creation of birth and/or passport documents. While such cases often arise in the context of individuals seeking a better life in a new country, the penalties that follow a conviction for immigration fraud can be severe.

An individual charged with immigration fraud will face consequences related to the pending criminal case as well as additional potential consequences related to his or her immigration status. The ability to manage a large amount of documentation, work with government prosecutors and take a case to trial where necessary are skills that often have to be simultaneously utilized in such cases. Mr. Millman’s experience as a prosecutor and his experience in civil fraud matters serves to the benefit of clients placed in such a predicament.

Medicaid Fraud

Medicaid Fraud cases often involve issues related to healthcare regulatory measures or a failure to adequately account for and/or document the quality or status of pharmaceutical products. It is a particularized type of fraud case that is almost always prosecuted by attorneys in a bureau that specializes in such matters. It is therefore important to have an attorney with the experience and perspective to effectively fight such allegations. Mr. Millman’s experience and abilities cover these grounds and allow him to effectively protect the interests of his clients in such matters.

Insurance Fraud

Mr. Millman brings a unique perspective to handling the defense of insurance fraud matters because he has prosecuted and defended such actions and has also worked on behalf of – and against – insurance carriers in complex civil matters. His experience allows him to provide a defense from various perspectives so that his clients’ interests are considered and effectively addressed.


Embezzlement occurs when one is entrusted with property – usually in the form of money – and thereafter converts that property for his or her own use and/or otherwise disposes of the property in a wrongful manner. Such actions require the ability to analyze complex legal issues with voluminous documents. Mr. Millman has, on several occasions, successfully worked with forensic accountants, tax experts and other financial experts to solidify and strengthen his clients’ position. This only serves to the benefit of clients charged with the misuse or misappropriation of funds.