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Divorce & Commercial Litigation Attorney Serving The New York City Metropolitan Area


Daniel L. Millman

Attorney at Law

Attorney Daniel Millman has been practicing law since 1993. Beginning his career in the Nassau County District Attorney's Office, he has since gained valuable knowledge in multiple areas of the law. As a divorce attorney, Mr. Millman assists clients with their complex family court proceedings. He also has years of trial experience, representing clients in cases of criminal, civil, and commercial litigation. With offices in New York City and Long Island, Mr. Millman serves residents throughout the New York City metropolitan area.

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Why Work With Attorney Millman?

One-on-One Attention

When you hire the Law Offices of Daniel L. Millman for representation, you'll work directly with Mr. Millman himself, rather than a paralegal or legal assistant.

Clear Communication

By explaining the complex rules and terminology associated with the legal process, Mr. Millman will aim to make you feel more confident throughout your case.

Trial Experience

Mr. Millman is often described as an intense litigator with the tools and experience to take a case to the end, when necessary - he has conducted numerous jury trials in both State and Federal Court in various areas of law in the civil and criminal context.

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Dan Millman

Addressing the Client’s Underlying Problem in The Context of A Criminal Case

Criminal conduct is often the result of underlying problems – problems that have existed for a lengthy period of time and have not been brought under control. Incidents involving violence to another sometimes arise as the result of an escalating feud between friends over money or jealousy between two people involved in an intimate relationship.

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Fight for You & Your Future

Whether you need to file for divorce, address a business dispute, or take a case to federal court, Attorney Daniel Millman is prepared to help. He can educate you on your options, answer your questions, and, if necessary, litigate on your behalf.

The outcome of your case will likely have some sort of impact on your future. Don't leave it to chance. Allow Mr. Millman to help you craft a strategic plan of action centered around your unique needs. You deserve every opportunity to pursue a fair and favorable result.

Mr. Millman understands how overwhelming a legal problem can feel. He also believes that knowledge is power. He'll strive to make you feel more confident working through your case by providing you with honest advice and compassionate service.

Contact him at the Law Offices of Daniel L. Millman in Jericho, New York. Mr. Millman proudly represents clients across Long Island, as well as those located in Manhattan and the rest of the New York metropolitan area. Schedule your consultation today.